Nothing Personal a geo-located Spatial audio Sound Art and 3D Animation installation visible through an application downloadable from Android and Apple IOS.

The installation will be permanent and usable via smartphone or tablet 24 hours a day at the geolocated point.

Technically it is an immersive audio experience in which the listener breaks the boundaries of the stage space and is immersed within the theatrical action, being able to move itself within it and to listen to the story by approaching each geolocated points of sound emission. The number of sound emission points chenges depending on the space available, starting from a minimum of 9, the distance between the each point also changes between 3 and 10 meters from each other depending on the need.
What I have achieved with this installation is the experience of a sound metaverse inserted in the visual reality, where the user will have the perception of being immersed in the audio environment, perceiving the presence of the different sounds moving in the space in terms of distance or proximity between himself and the point of issue.

Nothing Personal is a story of epic literature told in the form of a contemporary musical where the sound concurs together to be Scenography, Dance, Music, Singing and Acting. The contemporary musical tells the story of the deification of the concept of money which, from a simple and useful code of exchange, becomes the most powerful and ancient religion ever existed … without time, without god, without ethics, without responsibility … On the other hand “Nothing Personal”.

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