The Astronut

it all began with an accident on a space base about 30 years ago in Earth orbit, it was 2119, I believe, but it seems like yesterday … I was left there, for chaos and not by chance, for my salvation and not for damnation, by the innocent Time’s Worshipers, in unconscious and unreal paniking…

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The Astronut Tale

Imagination is pragmatic concreteness

….and so it was, I stayed there, alone, observing from above humanity, in the Eden we projected, floating in the full and finished space we’re confined in, it didn’t take too long there before meeting God again, or perhaps I should say, to recognize the true identity of the creator, consciously. This is why we returned to Eden, not out of desire, nor out of needs, but out of gratitude towards us, with a knowledge to show and a message to realize…



52Eyes NFT

Is a series of Interactive Digital Objects. This digital objects are part of my research concerning the relationship between soul and digital code that I have called “Image From Noise”

The Lair - NFT

If we are surrounded by living energy, what is the soul of the code of  human Shell? The Lair is about human impact made by it’s data transfer from our consciousness to the place we manipulate to survive.

Another speculation from “Image From Noise”


What is on and what is about to come

Image From Noise

…with “Images from Noise” it has been harnessed the background noise of digital photography and used to reveal the chaos out of the binary code, the soul made of zeros and ones that live beneath the picture. The energy that makes the surface come alive just like our soul…

Image from noise

series of digital photography from which the first series of NFT 52eyes was conceived to be released in spring 2021. With this work the artist’s research continues on the relationship between Background Frequency or Noise and Base Code, Binary Code and Soul

Nothing Personal

24h online performance of Sound Art…

Nothing Personal

is a 24h epic literary story told in the form of a contemporary musical in the style of sound art, where the sounds combine to be both scenography and narration of the story that is the subject of the musical.

This is the story of the deification of the concept of money which from a simple exchange code becomes the most powerful and ancient monotheistic secular religion.

… timeless, without god, without ethics, without responsibility … after all, Nothing Personal

Kimono Tales

Once upon a time four kimonos had been left by a mysterious woman in an artist studio… so becoming companions of other women’s journey

Kimono Tales

installation of video art (Mosaic Tale), luminous writings (Light Tales) and sound art (The Whispering Chair). In this work, the artist explores the relationship between human experience and the influence they have on the soul, the need for sharing and the intrinsic solitude in the existence of the different consciences that make up the human race


The Astronut

The place and date of birth are unknown, the gender is uncertain yet, the artist revealed itself in this dimension to explore the concepts of genetic singularity, soul and digital religion through the language of Mixed Digital Media Arts.

The use of storytelling is means through which the artist’s work is expressed in conjunction with the different types of media.

The ultimate goal of the artist is the creation of the metaverse “Asomatic Square”, an immaterial place where the artist, in addition to permanently exhibiting his works or installations and welcoming those of other artists, will initiate the first digital religion based on the network “The Church of Internet ”And the creation of the Super-being God of consciences.

The Astronaut artist stripped of his own features becomes an icon of the concepts expressed which, in the absence of a generating identity, become single existing identities.

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