Life is an abstract form of art

The Astronut

…it all began with an accident on a space base about 30 years ago in Earth orbit, it was 2119, I believe, but it seems like yesterday … I was left there, for chaos and not by chance, for my salvation and not for damnation, by the innocent Time’s Worshipers, in unconscious and unreal paniking…


The place and date of birth are unknown, the gender is uncertain yet, the artist revealed itself in this dimension to explore the concepts of genetic singularity, soul and digital religion through the language of Mixed Digital Media Arts.

The use of storytelling is means through which the artist’s work is expressed in conjunction with the different types of media.

The ultimate goal of the artist is the creation of the metaverse “Asomatic Square”, an immaterial place where the artist, in addition to permanently exhibiting his works or installations and welcoming those of other artists, will initiate the first digital religion based on the network “The Church of Internet ”And the creation of the Super-being God of consciences.

The Astronaut artist stripped of his own features becomes an icon of the concepts expressed which, in the absence of a generating identity, become single existing identities.