52Eyes has been chosen by the artist to reveal the soul of the photo beneath the digital overlay of zero and one hidden through a thechnique called “Image From Noise” developed by the artist of “data scrubbing” using a custom AI. 

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then viewing this artwork asks a question of the viewer who, via the gaze of another in a game of allusions, looks at his own soul and confronts memories, thoughts, and experiences from his own life with those of others that he has only imagined. The observer gets the chance to peer within through the eyes of another person and has the choice to flee the familiar environment with either a verdict, an absolution, or a tender compassion towards oneself. Being a repository and database of experiences, the soul uses the other’s life to carry out its own. Two souls who stare at one other end up meeting, they understand each other since they are made by the same elements of existence, and for a fraction of time the endemic loneliness that pervades life is cancelled, which instead wants sharing, comprehension of one’s own experience.

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Phisical Artwork series of 1 + Artist Proof: Different size – Digital print on cotton paper – dibond – fire burned wooden frame

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