A geo-located Sound Art and 3D Animation – Augmented Reality (AR) installation that can be seen on a smart phone or any tablet through an application which can be downloaded for free on the main mobile on-line stores like Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

A Sapiens’ baby, represented aesthetically through the imagery of the plastic toy dolls from the 70s and 80s, happily watches bombs falling from the sky around him which, exploding, make fountains of gold coins gush out with a victorious and sparkling sound. The little one laughs distracted by so much wonder at each explosion without hearing the carpet of mangled screams of pain and despair on which he sits.

This is a representation of the evolutionary state of the human being taken in its early days, when does not yet have any form that relates it to any gender or sexual consciousness, is yet the Sapiens, pure and primordial as generated by the boot program contained in the DNA.

The Baby is a pacifist act, more than a blame or accusation. It is an exhortation to evolve mankind towards the new era we’re approaching, an era that began with the dematerialization of goods and distance, an era where human being started to merge their lives, their soul in the digital network.

I have defined this new immaterial era as Asomatic Era (from asomatos – immaterial) in which, in order to evolve, the Sapiens will have to give up the monkey from which it originate.

The Baby is an act of rebellion and freedom of thought, expression, opinion, speculation, criticism through art in a firm but also democratic way in which the choice to see and enjoy the work is left to the will of the single individual.

The Baby installation will be visible only in the places where it is geo-localized by downloading “The Baby” App from the stores. The list of these places will be made known from time to time and will be updated during the year.

Below an example list of the places where the installation will be visible:

  • Ukrainian Parliament – Kiev
  • Common graves S. Andrea Bucha – Ukraine
  • Maidan Square – Kiev
  • Red Square – Moscow
  • NATO Headquarter – Brussels
  • UN Building – New York
  • European Court of Human Rights – Strasbourg
  • European Parliament – Strasbourg
  • European Parliament – Brussels
  • Capitol Hill – Washington
  • St. Peter’s Square – Rome
  • Western Wall – Jerusalem
  • Temple Mount – Jerusalem
  • Wall Street – New York

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