Sapiens Homini Lupus

by | 24 Mar, 2023

Sapiens Homini Lupus abstract

The wording and the image of a wolf cub in this piece refer to the predatory idea of the human being as Sapiens against himself by his nature. The illustration shows the wolf in the one realm of existence where it can feed on positive emotions and aspirations. In this stage of development, the wolf firmly believes that it is not a vicious predator, as well as firmly believe that when they are adults, they will be able to alter or lessen the harmful aspect of their nature that sets them apart from all other living things. This work aims to be both an accusation and a message of hope. Nothing else but culture will save us.
Roman was chosen as the language because, in addition to being a dead language, it does not correspond to any modern population and, at the same time, warns us from the past as a reflection or, more accurately, an observation made already in ancient time, where our society or, so-called, Western human mindset, was formed. A poster that is hung in a living room is perhaps all that is left of this warning.

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