by | 24 Mar, 2023

Moire is a binaural sound art installation presented alongside by a video commentary.
Humans have a natural affinity to learning, and this desire serves as both the only path to salvation and an innate urge.

It is unknown whether this instinct is an instinctive movement or an induced gesture, but it is sure that what destroys, sometimes, is essential to reveal, becoming a cathartic act, a magical gesture guided by something invisible, like a voice inside, like the Moires will who observe destiny from another dimension. However, it is certain that sometimes what destroys is necessary to reveal, becoming a cathartic act or a magical gesture led by something invisible, like a voice inside or the Moires will who watches destiny from another dimension. It is unknown whether this instinct is an instinctive movement or an induced gesture. Discovery, is a dynamic concept that brings with it a continuous growth of human society, is the only way forward, because only culture will save us. We move confidently, free to do as we like, but unconsciously, we heed the call of a pre-planned destiny, to the fate etched in the DNA’s strings that compels Sapiens to advance toward its own evolution, just like plants naturally seek the light from darkness.

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